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  • Do you take requests?
    Suggestions are welcome and can be left on the "contact me" page.
  • Do I have to pay?
    Nope! All of my CC is available on my website for free. This website is just built to look like a online shop but everything is free of charge.
  • Do you make exclusive Patreon content?
    All my CC is uploaded on my Patreon 2 weeks early, after that its free.
  • Do you take commisions?
    Not currently, but that would be something I would be interested in doing in the future.
  • Something is broken/bugged
    If you notice anything wrong with one of my CC creations, please contact me through my "contact me" page.
  • Can I convert your CC?
    No, I want my content to be strictly for Sims games, if you want my Sims 4 CC converted for another Sims game, Please contact me through my "contact me" page.
  • Can I recolour your CC?
    Yes! Feel free to recolour any of my meshes. Please follow the following rules: Do not include the original mesh Credit me and include a link my original mesh Do not put any of my content behind paywalls such as or
  • Can I repost/reupload your CC?
    No, I ask you do not repost/reupload my content for CC dumps or CC folders.
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