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Dinner Food Retexture

Updated: Mar 28


Dinners ready! Finally finished this food pack, man that taco casserole was giving me trouble. 

  • Sims 4 Custom Content

  • Base game Compatible

  • 6 Base Game Swatches (Vegetable Dumplings, Protein Plate, Chili, Fish & Chips, Taco Casserole, Tilapia)

Public Access: March 16, 2024

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Mar 20
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Can you Please! retexture Snowy Escape!


Mar 03

Does anyone have fixes or know why Better Exceptions mod would say different texture pacts conflict with one another? I have all the re-textures put out so far and have a total of 25 listed conflicts. Example I am getting: Mods\[Apricot Rush] Breakfast Food Retexture Pack\[Apricot Rush] Scrambled Eggs & Bacon Multiple.package Conflicts with Mods\[Apricot Rush] Breakfast Food Retexture Pack\[Apricot Rush] Omelet Multiple.package

Mar 11
Replying to

Hi, I had the same result on the BE Conflict report . Please Apricotrush can you tell us if its intentional ? Thanking you.

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